Tainan Theological College and Seminary was established in 1876 by Dr. Thomas Barclay, only eleven years after the first British Presbyterian missionaries and Fukienese evangelists arrived in Taiwan. Tainan Theological CollegeThis is the oldest theological school on the island. For most of its history it was small but highly regarded. After World War II the faculty and student body grew and the school developed an international reputation in undergraduate and graduate theological education.
  The arrival of Dr. David Marson of the British Presbyterian Church in 1865 marked the beginning of Presbyterian Church in Taiwan. In order to train local missionaries, the church founded the Missionary Training School under the direction of Rev. Thomas Barclay (1849-1935).
  The school was closed temporarily during the Japanese Occupation. Seeing the needs of the continuation of spreading Christianity in Taiwan, Presbyterian Church reopened the school immediately, and new school buildings were completed in 1901.

Tainan Theological College (West Central District / City-class)