The school was forced to close for a second time when the Pacific War broke out in 1940. It was not reopened until 1948, and the school also changed its name to the Tainan Theological College and Seminary.Tainan Theological College
  Like the style of most church buildings at the turn of the 20th century, the education building of the school is a combination of the Western church and Taiwanese architectural styles. It is situated in the south and facing toward the north in a symmetrical way. The center and sides project forward slightly.
  In the style, the projecting sections of the center and sides of the building have a sharp-ended arch to convey the implications of Christianity. The traditional 4-leaf decoration as found in most Gothic churches is found on the end of the sharp-ended arch windows on the second floor. Openings in other sections are arch windows.
Though the building uses Gothic references, the roof is typical Taiwanese tile roof to express the idea of localization.

Tainan Theological College (West Central District / City-class)